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Pues me lo acabo de pasar y.... juegazo.

Me ha hecho sentir como un verdadero policía. Me han caído muy bien la pareja de polis.

Se ha sentido muy realista. Los puzzles han sido muy intuitivos y bien pensados.

La historia ha sido muy buena y va mejorando conforme avanzas. 

Chapó! Totalmente recomendable. Gran trabajo.

Very Cool, loved it!

Too wordy. The long, repetitive conversations that just drag on and on made me drop it.

It's a shame, since it seemed pretty good otherwise.

What a great game! Thank you for this treat! I'm gonna have to check out Nightmare Frames now, for sure :D


Great game, man! Fantastic work.

Just perfect!! Bravo!!

One of the best indie games I've played, one of the best adventure games I've played and one of the best cop games I've played. Honestly this blows all of the Police Quests out of the water!

A fantastic throwback to the days of Sierra point and click adventures set against an uncompromising backdrop that doesn't pussyfoot around difficult themes. A few people may take issue with the inclusion of racism/sexism/homophobia, however it's perfectly in fitting with the game and isn't added for shock value. It may be jarring to some but it's a gritty game, rife with poverty, crime, racial tension, drug abuse, corruption, and so on. The characters are flawed, motives are questionable, and redeeming qualities are complex. 

The core of the story has been done countless times before, complete with clichés and nods to other media of the time, but the supernatural element gives it another twist. It seems the creators are big fans of the paranormal, treating it with a healthy dose of respect and scepticism. As for the puzzles, the majority are straight forward and won't have you tearing your hair out. They're not too easy that you'll get them all right immediately either. I personally found it very balanced. 

I found my playthrough to be relatively bug free, with the only one I can recall being an animation issue that had no impact on the game whatsoever. Unlike official Sierra games, you can't back yourself into a corner, becoming soft-locked or 'walking dead', nor can you die (which is already explained in the game's description).

If you're a fan of point and click games, whether they're Sierra or not (I always preferred Lucasarts), you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. It has all the qualities of a classic, combining a good story, well-written characters and gritty setting with fun gameplay, logical puzzles and a real love for the genre. The music is great, too, and I found myself humming and tapping out sections on the desk without realizing. Although the game deals with difficult issues in a less than forgiving manner, it also doesn't take itself too seriously. There's plenty of humour to go around, some dark, some subtle, and some bordering on the slapstick. 

My only issue with the game is that there are quite a few grammatical and some spelling errors in the English version. It's not enough to ruin the experience, but there were  occasions where the dialogue doesn't make complete sense and I've had to re-read it and figure out what was actually meant. It interrupts the flow of the dialogue when an obvious error stands out, but I want to reiterate that it did not impact my enjoyment of the game.

Postmodern Adventures should be very proud of their creation. It's one of the best AGS games I've ever played, and surely is a contender for the number one spot. It's a simple game that deals with complex issues, that neither feels like a chore or a lecture. It's not for everyone, but at its core it's a solid adventure game that deserves your time. I certainly have no regrets and only wish I could replay it again for the first time.

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How about a Linux version of this wonderful game?


Added to the download section! Thanks as always, Matteo!


Thank YOU for making great games for free! By the way congratulations on your bigger project. Would you be interested in releasing Nightmare Frames for GNU/Linux too? I would love to help you out.

There are no plans for a Linux version of Nightmare Frames at this time. But if I decide to do it in the future, I'll know who to call ;)


I've had decades of AGS experience and work as a game dev and Linux system admin if you would like me to package it up for you and test it for you on all major distros if you like?

Hi Grahf! As I said above there aren't plans for it. But I really appreciate your offer!


Tremendo este juego! Una historia genial narrada con un ritmo impecable, buenos dialogos y personajes, puzzles bastante logicos, pero sin llegar a ser triviales.... vaya que me ha sorprendido muchisimo esta aventura!! 



From my point of view this is masterpiece of AGS Games, story, charatcers , graphic style, atmosphere of environment and way like characters interact between themselvs is awesome. Developers had to a hell of work with this piece. And fact that game is offered for free is cherry on top oft the cake! Thak you guys and i hope you will be continue with good work, i want to see another game, or sequel maybe? :D :D

Wow, what a game!


Loved it! I expected a short nostalgic fan game and what I got instead was an engaging, well-paced, full-length point and click. The graphic style isn't my kind of nostalgia (I prefer the 256-color VGA era), but the game soon managed to immerse me nonetheless. Strongly recommended!

Couldnt be more agree!

Holy shit, this game is fantastic. Hats off, dude!


I really, really appreciate this game. The graphical style is 100% faithful to the EGA times: you could have told me that this was some Sierra side project from the years of Larry and King's Quest and it would totally check out, both in looks (resolution and colours) and style (there is a lot of attention to detail; the kind which shows that low resolution doesn't mean lazy design at all). The sound has higher quality and it's kind of a giveaway, though :).

The plot and the writing were also cool. I liked the huge amount of references, especially during the museum part.

Congratulations on creating this small piece of art. I enjoyed every minute I spent with it.


This is an incredible achievement.  The art, writing, music are all so professionally done and the game length is impressive!  Good job!  How is this game free?? I would have paid good money to play this.  This is truly a labor of love and I wish you all the best.  (And of course I hope you keep on making games!  I'll play them all!  Give em to me!  I want more!  MOAR!)  ;)



Vaya pasada de juego, lo he disfrutado como los Sierra de finales de los 80. Sigue haciendo más juegos así y véndelos!


Impressive writing, great atmosphere, and a really nice art style reminiscent of the old Sierra games. I really loved the South Central setting. Now I'm looking forward to playing your other games.

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What an incredibly well done game! The characters were all well fleshed out, and I enjoyed getting to spend time with them. I also liked that there seemed to be optional dialogue choices and additional exploring not required to finish the game, but they fleshed out the game world more intricately. Also the lack of dead ends and moon-logic puzzles made for a thoroughly enjoyable play-through.

I'm not sure why anyone would criticize the racism in the game, as all racism that appears is immediately condemned by the characters. The racism and racial tension on display were very much a real part of the riots and frustration present at the time and setting of the game (1992 LA Riots). Wandering through it made me sad that we haven't come very far since then, as evidenced by the recent deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and countless others. 

On completing the game, I felt like the characters were all trying to overcome their differences and pull together as a community, which is a lot more than I expected from a game called Urban Witch Story. Great work, guys! Can't wait to see more from you.

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Enorme trabajo, me ha encantado de principio a fin. Tienes muy buena pluma.

Mi reseña:

Antes había versión para iOS, ¿se ha descartado por algo?

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This is typical ignorant SJW garbage logic.  Just because racial tension/issues is a general theme and there is sensitive language doesn't make this game racist.  please state the outright racism you speak of, because if youre going to make a point like that its a shame--but also kinda typical for people like you--to only halfway explain what you mean because your views dont make any sense.  The game's writing is accurate for the time.  Characters regardless of their race are played honestly and respectfully and the situations that some of the characters face are realistic.  It is unfortunate that social justice warriors like yourself need to look at the world with rose colored glasses and can not handle reality.  Instead you want to see everything from a politically correct standpoint regardless of its accuracy...and you also push your sensibilities on other people which is even worse.  If you are offended by the game just don't play it, dude.  You talk so much about hate and rant against being judgmental and yet you are the only one on here spewing hateful comments and being judgmental.  Be ignorant by yourself.


Wow, what a great game. Really good story and some nice details. Thank you for making it :-).

Thanks to you for playing it!

A very well-made adventure game ^_^


Thanks, Kyriakos!

Would it be possible to add the composer to the credits here (and maybe a link to their work)? This game has some really good music and they should be mentioned!

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Sure! I didn't even credit myself on these pages! The composer is Eric Matyas ( In his page there are a ton of wonderful tracks to use legally in any kind of audiovisual projects.

So looks like there is English?



Enhorabuena por esta maravillosa aventura que has creado. 100% recomendable en todos los aspectos.

What a beautiful game! Will there ever be an english translation?

Not at the moment, sorry. Thanks for your words!

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Si algún día quieres, yo me ofrezco a ayudarte!!!de verdad! Uno de mis trabajos son las traducciones....llevaría tiempo, pero lo no hay prisa, se puede intentar...

Se me había pasado tu mensaje, sorry. Escríbeme un mail a y te comento.

Me ha encantado el juego, tengo una consulta, me ha impactado la historia de los rosteos que crecen del suelo en el pueblo de rohrmoos, trate de buscar informacion del tema pero no he encontrado. Es una historia inventada para el juego?, en caso de que no, donde puedo encontrar informacion.saludos.


En el museo hay varias historias de cosecha propia, esa a la,que te refieres es una de ellas.

Gracias por responder y felicitacuones por el juego, ya es un clasico entre los grandes del genero.saludos.


terminado el juego! me ha encantado!, muchas gracias!

¡A ti por jugarlo!


Me he dado de alta únicamente para poder dejar un comentario y darte las gracias por tu trabajo....



Mil gracias, acabo de escucharte en el podcast de point'n'click...y he visto la luz...cosas del confinamiento..

garcias de nuevo, y ánimo!!

Muchas gracias por tus palabras. Aquí estamos para eso, entretener. ¡Gracias!


buenas!, felicidades por el juego, lo tenia descargado hace tiempo, , hoy lo empece y me ha enganchado por completo, estoy atascado como el compañero en el hospital, , esta muy bien llevada la historia, la ambientacion y todo en general, un trabajo fantastico!

Hay varias cosas que hacer antes de resolver lo del hospital. Tal vez no hayas hablado con algún personaje que corre por ahí o no hayas abierto otros escenarios.

Me alegro que te esté gustando el juego. ¡Muchas gracias!

Hola, he jugado a la época dorada de los Point and Click y ahora soy usuario de Mac. Principalmente uso el Mac para trabajar. Así que para ello uso una raspberry con retroarch para jugar algunos juegos a través de Scummvm. La pregunta es, ¿se puede jugar con sCummins a tu juego? Si es que no, ¿de que otra manera puedo probar tus juegos?


Hola. El juego no se puede hacer funcionar mediante ScummVM. Dentro de poco se subirá una versión para Mac. 

Genial, una versión para mac. Gracias. 


Hola y felicidades por el juego. Os quería hacer una pregunta. ¿Se puede stremear? ¿o hacer algun tipo de video?

Lo he publicado aqui. Mi canal de Twitter


Por supuesto, sin problemas. 



¡Felicidades por la calidad, nivel de detalle del juego! Es asombroso. Enhorabuena.

Estoy atascado en el hospital (cafe, cuerda, diamante y botella de sangre). ¿Algún consejo? Llevo horas dando vueltas y me da que he pasado algo por alto...

Gracias por el comentario. Me alegra que lo estés disfrutando.

Sin entrar en detalles... En la tienda de santería de Eddie hay uno de sus productos estrella que no puede acceder a él por su mala cabeza. Recuerda también hablar con la gente que te encuentras por la calle. Algunos pueden darte objetos que te harán falta para resolver ese puzzle.

Estoy impresionado por la calidad que tiene y lo bien cuidados que están los diálogos o "excusas" de los personajes para hacer creible el diálogo y la coherencia de la conversación. Esos detalles se agradecen.

Sobre el "atasque": 

Sé que debo conseguir ese item de Eddie, pero no encuentro nada para avanzar. En el interior de la tienda de electrónica tampoco encuentro nada que hacer. Con el tatuador tampoco he podido hacer nada de momento. He revisado todas las calles y gente que pasa por ellas, pero no encuentro nadie con quien pueda interactuar (salvo el vagabundo).

Hay dos líneas de investigación en el juego. La del sospechoso y la de los críos. Segun avanzas se te van abriendo escenarios. Por lo que comentas parece ser que aún no has abierto la de los gemelos.

En su habitación hay una nota que podrías mostrar a alguien que los conoce MUY bien. A partir de ahí tienes más escenarios y personajes con los que interactuar. Uno de ellos es clave para resolver un puzzle dentro de la santería.

Y gracias de nuevo por tus palabras!

Finalmente, lo he terminado (y disfrutado muchísimo).

Te acabo de añadir en Twitter. Si me puedes pasar un correo o alguna forma de enviarte un mensaje privado te doy un poco de feedback sobre el juego y te consulto algunas cosas.

Me ha maravillado. Como fan de los juegos AGI de Sierra, nunca pensé que encontraría algo así... ¡Gran trabajo!


Parece un juego muy completo, enhorabuena! Cool game, congrats!