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Thanks a lot for this cool game! It is a great tribute to the genre and games like Maniac Mansion with some innovations I love.
Technically well-made and really funny, too.
Excellent all-round job and translated to different languages.
Hope you create some new point and click adventures and we can contribute somehow to your efforts. Keep on your good job!

El toque de maniac mansion me llamo la atencion para probarlo, pero es que ademas el jugo esta genial! me encanto de veras mis felicitaciones a los programadores , espero que exista mas continuaciones de este juego y incluso lo saqueis  en fisico :)


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I see the game in spanish even after selecting the english language. Am I the only one?

edit: I'm having exact same problem with "urban witch story" by the same dev

A very cool little game! Funny dialogues, great atmosphere and fun puzzles. All in all, a really enjoyable travel back to the eighties.

Could you add a .zip option, please?

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A really nice, short adventure game that perfectly captures the spirit of old Lucas Arts Adventure games. Good writing and some fun puzzles. Really enjoyed it.


Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game.

10/10, es excelente! Sigan así!

¡Muchas gracias!

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The beginning of this game reminds me very Dark Reflection game (in the beginning). Do you play it? But your game is very cool! I really like it!

I didn't know the game, i just saw it. Yes! The kitchen and the father in the living room... it's like Splatterhouse Billy Masters! Thanks for the comment!

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I enjoyed playing this game so much! The dialogue between the characters was hilarious. I also liked how you could choose different dialogue options. This game was so fun to play, keep it up! I made a gameplay video if anyone is interested in watching. Thank you for your time and have an awesome day! ;D


I'm glad that you had a good time playing it! Cool video!

Excelente aventura corta. La vi en indiefence y me llamó la atención la temática. Hace tiempo que no me reía tanto con los diálogos en un juego. Aunque no soy español, viví un tiempo en Madrid, y creo que se ha logrado captar el habla de allá a la perfección. Los puzzles lógicos y, si bien sencillos, nunca se sienten totalmente obvios, pues las pistas no son explícitas. Veré de jugar tus anteriores juegos.

Gracias por el comentario, Manny!


Thank you so much for this great game and the german translation.

I love Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken on the C64 like I love your game.

That's a lot of love! Without Elvis Tanner (the translator) there wouldn't be a german translation. So thanks to him too!


This was absolutely FANTASTIC ! I have no word for it... this is not lame copycat of the masters of the genre, it is, well, a true masterpiece of the same kind !
Everything is brilliant, perfectly executed, vibrant and exactly in the vein of maniac, zak and company.
Keeping the 'pixel style' and the color palette is really making the difference here for me ; look, I enjoyed thimbleweed park (of course ! ) but it's an evolution of the genre. It's weird to say that, but I actually enjoyed BMWR much - I felt like I had 14years old again... a gem !
PLEASe, please ! Make an episde 2 (and 3, and...) :)

Wow! I have no words to say except thank you so much!


Un juego muy bien ejecutado. Se me ha hecho corto y me he quedado con ganas de mas. El estilo Maniac Mansion lo has clavado pero con el añadido de la música, que acompaña muy bien la acción.

¡Gracias por el comentario!

Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for such a cool adventure. Wrote up a preview for it on RGM as well. Can hardly wait to see what you come up with next.

Thanks to you for the preview! There is new game in the works and if everything goes well , my other game Urban Witch Story will be available in English.


Man, this was so cool! Wish it was longer. The gameplay and graphics reminded me so much of the old sega Beavis & Butthead game

Never played the Beavis & Butthead game. But love the show! Thanks for playing Billy Masters!


I absolutely loved the graphics, the humor, the characters, the puzzles and the overall atmosphere! Brought me right back to the good old "Maniac Mansion on Amiga days"! Great work! Much love from germany ;)


Thank you so much for these words! Maybe tomorrow i'll update the game with a german translation.


That would be awesome, I could recommend it to more people I know then!
I would love to play your other games too, but unfortunatly I don't speak spanish.
Anyway, keep up the good work!

Great! Thanks again! Sooner or later "Urban Witch Story" will be translated to English.

Wow, how did you come up with a german translation over night?

Elvis Tanner, the german translator asked me if i wanted to translate the game to gernan. He did a fantastic job in a couple of days. There's no doubt he's a kind of wizard.


With a name like Elvis Tanner, it's no surprise the guy is a legend :D

Props to him, the german version looks pretty good so far, haven't had the time to play it through once more though, but I will soon enough! I recommended it already to some people. I'm very curious about your next games!


Muy bueno crack! Emana nostalgia por todos los lados! Muy buena la historia y Musica genial :)

Me alegro que lo hayas pasado bien!


WHOA holy motherload this is amazingly beautiful! How'd you do this? How'd you that? :] I can't wait to play this!

Oh, thank you!

(+1) :)

Wow!! Thanks for the support!!


This was awesome! Loved the story, puzzles were nice and logical. Wonderfull experience!

Oh, nice words! Thanks for playing!


Loved It! Beyond the excellent art/sound there is a very good sense of place, whole the neighborhood, the flag in the wind, the insects on the lights, very nice. Really liked the way the parents intervene with your actions in the house, felt like a family and not just game set pieces. Beautiful!

I like to add background animations and little interactions with the characters to bring more life to the world of the game. I'm glad that you noticed those little things. Thanks for playing Billy Masters!


amazing game

Thank you!


This was a great surprise release. Poor Billy he's just trying to do good. Hopefully he's getting his guitar back and some new adventures ;) . 


Nice video! Thanks for playing it!


good nostaligic game


Hola! Great game! I don't speak Spanish/Espanol, but thank goodness there's an English Translation of the game. 

I must say that the Game. Was. Awesome. It really gives the old point and click game vibe, has an interesting story line, awesome looking design, and lovely puzzles. Props to you people!

Thanks for your words, Terrorose. And thanks again  for the gameplay. I really appreciate this kind of things!

It took me more then one hours to solve the puzzle, my brains sizzling on 1AM. So there's quite a lots of cut on the video.

But... you solved it! Without a walktrough! Well done!

Thanks! You people too create an awesome game!

I love this game. Maniac Mansion was the game I always played as
a little boy and this game takes me straight back to the good old
days of adventure games

It´s an honor that you had those kind of sensations playing the game. Thank you!

I really enjoyed this! I love adventure games and this was very smooth to play through. Excellent work.

Thanks for playing the game!

Me ha encantado. Breve pero buena historia.

¡Gracias, Ana! Me alegro que lo hayas disfrutado.

Wow, that looks and sounds wonderful! Well done!


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I'm really in awe for the production values and the overall artistic execution of this game. Everything fits perfectly: The gui, the soundtrack, the graphic design, the dialogues - really professional! Like a modern classic. I'm still longing for an english translation of your Urban Witch Story by the way. :)

There is a translation on the way for Urban Witch, but it goes slow and i had no idea when it will end.  I hope that one day non-Spanish players can play it. Fingers crossed!

And thanks again for your words about Billy Masters!

Wonderful, I'll stay tuned. And I look forward to your next game(s)! :)