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Enhorabuena por el juego.


Any plans on a English translation? :)


I've enjoyed every Postmodern Adventure game so far so I'd love to see this one in English if a translation is ever possible!

Excelente aventura conversacional. El reto es llegar a los 300 puntos...... lo he jugado y no superé los 180!!

Reply to this comment once this has an English translation. Looks awesome. 

Would you be interested in translating the game in English and Italian? Let me know. ;)

Title: english
Game: spanish



Not understanding spanish, this has beautiful art and audio. A few online translations make me think the text is interesting too.

I doubt an English translation can be expected :)

You can make it so the game doesn't pause (annoying for audio) when out of focus, so those committed to translating on the go can enjoy the sound better ^^